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The Value of an Enemy


They consume our thoughts. They rape our peace. They attack our character. They are never wrong. They are our enemies, and I am thankful for them. Enemies, haters, and trolls, often bring out the worst in us. I mean how often do we feel our blood pressure rising due to some antagonistic and spineless excuse […]

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Funny People

Christian LivingFaith

I am fascinated by humanity. Deep down I think we all are. We are attractively irritating, wonderfully complex, and uniquely annoying. We tend to be masters at solving everyone’s problems but our own, and are able to spot hypocrisy in everyone but ourselves. We hate crowds but don’t like to be alone, we claim individualism […]

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When Jesus Let Religion Leave

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When Jesus let Religion Leave John 6:66 …many of His disciples followed him no more. When I read John chapter six I get a strong feeling of déjà vu, like somehow I have been there before. After reading this passage I am usually left with a deep sense of introspection. The fingers of self blame […]

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A letter for the Suicidal

Help for the Wounded

To my friend who is thinking about ending it all, I know what it is like to think more about the end than the now, dying more than living, the pain more than the healing. I know what it is like to only want to escape. I know what it is like to despise yourself […]

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