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The Mind of a King


I once thought like a king. It was liberating and fresh. I felt as if I had power from another realm.

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The Father (An attempt to remove religion from the face of God)


The Father Vengence, lightning bolts, and disappointment. Maybe we feel this way about God because we feel this way about ourselves? With our attitude, if we were to act as God,

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Crucifixion, The Way Jesus Saw It.


Black. The color scheme that back dropped God. It had been many years since He remembered the light of heaven. Now, it seemed so far away. Light only existed in a memory. The bliss of gold that used to grace His heavenly feet, was now offset by a cold hard nail, suspending Him between the […]

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The Day Jesus Repented

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The Day Jesus Repented I find that my well beloved theology is strenuously tested in the presence of Jesus. Things that I once held so tightly to seem silly against the backdrop of the Ancient of Days. In fact, my hard earned “maturity” plummets when I enroll in the school of Christ. God seems to have […]

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