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The Past

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Sadly, the most defining times in our lives are behind us. Dark storms from yesterday still manage to rain on our parade. People we blame, still find a way to come into our lives, even if only in the form of an unwanted memory. If only we had a historical crowbar to pry these moments […]

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Why I am no longer a Christian…and neither are you.

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Why I am no longer a Christian…and neither are you.   When I think of Jesus I don’t think of Christians and when I think of Christians I really don’t think much about Jesus. The two don’t really strike the same chord in my heart, they never have. I could argue that this should be […]

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When the Church Hurt Me

Christian Living

When the church breeds more pain than love, it is very easy for me start a movement against the institution, and I find no lack of recruits. Thousands of us find a natural ease in locating both beams and splinters in the body, the leadership, and the organization itself. The sheer number of those who […]

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