Crucifixion, The Way Jesus Saw It.

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Black. The color scheme that back dropped God. It had been many years since He remembered the light of heaven. Now, it seemed so far away. Light only existed in a memory. The bliss of gold that used to grace His heavenly feet, was now offset by a cold hard nail, suspending Him between the […]

The Value of an Enemy

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They consume our thoughts. They rape our peace. They attack our character. They are never wrong. They are our enemies, and I am thankful for them. Enemies, haters, and trolls, often bring out the worst in us. I mean how often do we feel our blood pressure rising due to some antagonistic and spineless excuse […]

Five Things that Happen After You Die

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So it finally happened. It’s over. You stare down upon your lifeless body watching the turmoil and medical personnel desperately try to bring you back to life. Your mind is numb and you are reeling drunk with disillusionment. You are simply trying to figure out what just happened. All your thoughts are riveted upon the events […]

“iCulture” #Me

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Something is wrong. We all know it. We all feel it, yet we don’t know how to address it. We square off with society and return with more questions than answers, more doubt than direction, and more frustration than fulfillment. Or even worse, which only proves my point, we don’t even care. We have become a […]
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