The Mind of a King

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lightstock_72930_xsmall_chad_I once thought like a king. It was liberating and fresh. I felt as if I had power from another realm. It felt natural.

I know too many Christians that would not have a belief system if it were not for the failures of religion. I have watched them think like paupers, and victims, who perpetually lie in a pool of their own blood, drowning on what little life they have left. These people are so familiar with pain that they have forgotten what it means to have destiny. A revolving door traps their mind in the immaturity of others.

This is not good news. Faith, the hearts ability to see God, has been divorced from the church. Faith is seen only as a ticket into the Kingdom, and only a useless stub after entry. Reality is not the material world, that which is of the body, nor of the pains of our experience. If the Church does not understand this, then she will continue to pursue a lifeless religion, only to then turn upon it and make it her enemy. She must birth a revival of faith. An understanding that life is painful but beautiful and fresh, ending in the bliss of the rewards of eternity, while also enjoying its fruits here on earth. She must understand that the Kingdom needs kings. 

We are too comfortable here. This life makes too much sense. It was never meant to. We were meant to think like kings, not paupers of earth, stained with the past of emotional immaturity in others and ourselves.

Liberation is not rebelling against the institution, it is peace filling the human heart. It is the submission of our hearts and minds finally accepting our place as sons. The church was not meant to be intimate with doubt and pain, she was meant to pass through them untainted, preserving her beauty and peace as a testimony to others that it is possible to be beautifully wounded.

When I think like a King, I lose myself. This is a loss that I can afford, it is a loss that the church must undergo if she is to finally be healed. Power does not lie in being right about the wrongs of others, but in the submission to things that seem silly to submit to, like a cross. What King defeats His enemies by surrendering to the wishes of His foes? Kings see beyond the pain, the moment, and the wounds. They do not see the stripes, they see the healing. They do not see the wounds, they see the forgiven transgressions. They do not only see the cross, they see the empty tomb. Kings think beyond the moment, beyond the emotion.

We were born kings, but we have forgotten our lineage. We have lived to long in the poverty of this earth and we have learned to think like the world, while still trying to evangelize it. Perhaps this is why we often feel as if our message is a scam.

To repent is to change the way we think, it is to take on the mind of Jesus, it is to think like a King. It is to begin the journey we were born for. Along the way, our enemy will be the paupered mind that we cultivated and nurtured. It will scream to suckle at the bottle of bitterness and blame. This kind of mindset will bring a grayscale over everything that God gave color. It must be denied. Kings think in color. Heaven’s King loves the color red.

One day you will have your moment, you will for a second in time, think like a King. It will feel liberating and fresh. It will feel as if you have a power from another realm. It will feel natural. The question that hangs in the balance is, will you continue to think like a King?

Chad Wilt

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